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Real Estate Cases

Civil Litigation Attorney in Puerto Rico

A Puerto Rico civil litigation lawyer plays a huge role in a majority of real estate transactions. Buying, selling, and transferring properties falls under the jurisdiction of Puerto Rico law, even if a person from an outside country or state purchases, sells, or transfers property in Puerto Rico. All real estate transactions must be overseen by a notary, in order to verify and legalize the transactions. By partaking in any of these real estate actions, the person agrees to Puerto Rico real estate laws. If an individual who attempts to transfer a property according to their own state or country's laws, the transfer will be seen as void in Puerto Rico, and the Puerto Rican court will decide the final outcome of the property. If you wish to legally own, sell, or transfer property in Puerto Rico, a probate lawyer in Puerto Rico at the Law Office of Sylvia C. Lugo-Sotomayor may be able to help.

Title Transfers, Deeds, and Transactions

In order to purchase and register a property in Puerto Rico, a notary is required, and the purchaser's ownership must be registered with the Property Register of Puerto Rico. The notary must prepare the deed of purchase and sale to be carried out in a client's presence, and the notary must confirm that the entire transaction is legal. This means that they attest that the parties' personal details and information are correct, which include marital status, age, and profession. If a person is not officially named on the deed, they are not considered an owner of the property. Therefore, if spouses wish to be on the title of the house, they must register the property with both names on the deed. When two people jointly own a property, it can only be sold or transferred with both owners' permission.

Civil Litigation Lawyer serving Puerto Rico

The civil litigation attorneys at the Law Office of Sylvia C. Lugo-Sotomayor have over twenty years of probate and civil litigation experience. If a client wishes to buy, sell, or transfer their Puerto Rican property, please contact our firm, and see how we may be able to help.

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