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Probate Lawyer in Puerto Rico

Probate and estate planning may be done without legal assistance, but it is not recommended for everyone. There are many steps and paperwork involved in each process, and it is easy to get disoriented and do things incorrectly or out of order. If you hire our firm, we may ensure that the entire probate process is completed properly, and we may help you create an entire estate plan designed to fit you and your family's needs. We also help clients with civil litigation issues, offer notary services, and represent clients in both Tampa and Puerto Rico who are facing bankruptcy. If you are currently involved in the probate process, or wish to prepare for probate, please feel free to contact our Puerto Rico probate attorney at the Law Office of Sylvia C. Lugo-Sotomayor!

What Our Attorneys Offer

Founding attorney Sylvia C. Lugo-Sotomayor has a Good Avvo Rating, and is endorsed by fellow lawyers. This high ranking proves that Attorney Lugo-Sotomayor is dedicated to her clients. Our firm is able to help clients elect guardians, create wills, establish trusts, and construct an overall estate plan. We also have experience with Puerto Rico's inheritance laws, and our attorneys are able to advise clients on how to create wills without violating forced heir rules. For clients who wish to create living wills, our team can write a living will that is valid in the eyes of the Puerto Rican court system. Clients who have recently lost a loved one and are dealing with probate can hire one of our attorneys to help them through the process. Our attorneys speak both English and Spanish, and are familiar with U.S. and Puerto Rican probate law.

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Some of Puerto Rico's laws differ from those upheld in the rest of the United States. If you are not aware of the differences, and create an estate plan incorrectly or complete the probate process inaccurately, you may face consequences. Our firm may be able to prevent such errors if hired, and we will stay with our clients until all of their probate issues are resolved. If you are looking for a firm that have over 2 decades of legal experience, and is dedicated to their clients, please contact our firm!

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